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Dalla Riva offers a complete range of sports parquets for gyms, sports arenas, and other sports structures

Tecnici Dalla Riva impegnati nelle fasi di posa del Parquet al Palatrieste Why choose Dalla Riva sports flooring? Dalla Riva Parquet Sportivi follows these five guiding principles: 1. Installation is entrusted to our personnel  The installers are trained within the company and are directly supervised by our technical director. This has been our policy since 1982. The gym floors we have completed throughout Italy, in fact, were realized by specialized, professional workers. 2. Intervention speed Our lengthy experience, matured over 30 years of activity in the field, allows us to carry out rapid interventions. For example, to lay a new 700 square metre floor, we require only four working days, including markings and accessories. For major refinishing, Dalla Riva uses a special machine able to sand up to 300 square metres per day. 3. Certification of sports floors Dalla Riva’s sports floors are certified at the highest levels to guarantee our customers and above all the users-athletes full respect of all of the fundamental parameters. Our products have properties and requisites that allow them to be legitimately referred to as “sports floors”, thanks to the following sections: -FIBA (International Basketball Federation); - DIN V 18032.2 version dated April 2001; – Classe 1 of reaction to fire of the Interior Ministry; – New regulation fire reaction for the entire package EN la 13501 classification Bfl-S1 (EN ISO 9239 and EN ISO 11925); – Regulations EN (European regulation); – Certificate of Thermal Conductivity entire package (parquet and substructure); – Thermal flow evaluation. 4. Materials used From the choice of parquet to the finishes: attention to the smallest detail at every stage. Hardwood floors, by nature, have characteristics that make them ideal for playing sports. They are able to reduce the force of magnitude of impact from shoes inherent in all sports activities. The cost-duration ratio, additionally, is more advantageous for wood floors than for other materials. A simple sanding, planing and varnishing suffices to renew the playing surface. Following the technical standards pertaining to the quality of the materials used, especially in the substructure (cushioning and plywood), uniform ball bounce is guaranteed at every point of the floor, which is important in every sport. The collaboration with our technicians is constant in order to create a product that can meet the current standards and ensure reliability even in the most important events. 5. Turnkey sports flooring ? We deliver sports flooring ready to use, delineating the field lines according to the rules of the sports federations. We are able to guarantee perfectly executed markings, thanks to the dispenser that distributes two layers of adhesive tape on the continuous lines and circles, in order to avoid colour smudging. In all of the sports arenas, the sports flooring is personalized according to the dominant game; for example, if the dominant game is basketball, the paint (or three-second area), the center circle, and the lateral bands are fully coloured; for volleyball the entire playing rectangle (9 x 18 m) is painted in a colour chosen by the club; the penalty areas are coloured in five-a-side football; and the regulation circles for roller skating, according to the size of the gym.

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